Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Hello out there in BlogLand. I had thought that blogs were British footwear, but have now been freed from the bonds of Luddism. As many of you know, I have maintained an expanding Rant List, that I have used to express opinions and to share my occasional poking of grownups in the eyes with sharp sticks. Encouragement for poking grownups in the eye eventually lead to taking on the Deputy Prime Minister in the latest federal election. It was close, but no cigar; but an incredibly positive experience, regardless of the outcome. As Anne McLellan said to me later that night, "I have a feeling that I'll be seeing you again." I told her that I had a feeling that she was right.

Most of my issues are federal, but there is no lack of suitable blogees everywhere. Having listened yesterday to the Speech from the Throne, I would re-name it the Thrown Speech. The Prime Minister, moving the GG's lips, threw out the same old platitudes and Liberal-speak for maintaining the status quo. That status quo equates to several main themes -- maintaining power at all costs -- succumbing to politically correct and feel-good fuzzy whims of the left -- maintaining Canada's position as a hanger-on in foreign affairs, defence, and security matters -- maintaining a justice system that is focused on the rights of the criminal -- maintaining dependency on government for large segments of our population -- pouring endless amounts of money into healthcare instead of reforming it -- ad nauseum. Paul Martin threw away a chance to show courage and leadership, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

While many issues matter to me, my most prominent passion is defence issues and the utterly disgusting Liberal record in decimating that once proud institution. Canadians in uniform are still justifiably proud of what they do and who they are. Just this moment, I heard Paul Martin say that, "There are so many instruments of war in the world; let Canada continue to be an instrument of peace." It doesn't get much more hypocritical than that. He and his predecessors have systematically destroyed the instrument that would allow Canada to play that role. I do not believe that the Prime Minister is not intelligent enough to realize that what he is saying is blatantly false. I do believe that his priorities and those of his government are grossly misplaced and that the only way that we will change government priorities is to change government.

And as I listen right now, the Liberal seals are all on their feet clapping their flippers wildly at their leader's stirring flood of Parliamentary pap ........ pathetic! Why the heck would anyone want to work there? I do!


Blogger Naval Aviator said... should post your comments to me re: judges and the Canadian system on your blog site. It was a good rant!
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