Friday, October 22, 2004

Seventeen Million Here, Seventeen Million There

So, Madame Dyan Adam thinks that Canada's official bilingualism program at $750 million per year and her comfy fiefdom as the Commissioner of Official Languages at $17 million per year should be exempt from a review of departmental spending. The rarefied air dans la tour d'ivoire where she lives must be getting to her.

I guess that, to her, it is absolutely essential that we divert not one penny away from such noble causes as trying the make universally accepted traffic sign graphics bilingual. I'm not sure what the difference is between a French turn arrow and an English turn arrow, and I don't recall them being any different in France the last time I was there. Of course, we simply must stop the assault on Canadian dignity and our national identity by criminals like Don Cherry. She is the Commissioner of Official Languages, not the Commissioner of Face Masks. She is Donna Quixote with imaginary windmills, and there is probably no end to the evil from which she would like to rescue us.

Official bilingualism is worthy of support where it makes sense, but Mme Adam and her office would have us believe that, without her diligence, the French language and culture will disappear. What self-serving and personally profitable rubbish!

$17,000,000 would go a long way towards supporting some activities that would have a lot more positive impact on the lives of Canadians. How about 17,000 additional CH-146 Griffon flying hours that could be used for search and rescue, fighting floods and ice storms, assisting in border patrol operations to stop smuggling, etc.?

How about a few thousand extra CP-140 Aurora flying hours, so that the CF could start doing patrols over the Arctic regions? These have decreased to next to nothing, and Danish, American, Russian and other challenges to our claims of sovereignty are increasing. For those who say so what; think about the resources that are probably beneath the ice and water in that area. Do we want other countries to reap the economic benefits therefrom? Worse yet for those whose priority is the environment; do we want other countries doing resource exploration and development with lower standards for environmental protection than Canada would practise?

How about one new MRI machine per province and territory with the money to operate them for a year?

Or, maybe we could just buy a couple of golf balls for every Canadian with the Prime Minister's name on them.


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