Friday, December 24, 2004

Politics Makes Strange Bed(ouin) Fellows

So, Muammar Gaddafi is no longer a terrorist, and he is no longer pursuing the development of weapons of mass destruction. I guess that a trip to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize can't be far behind for the tyrant from Tripoli. Don't get me wrong. Anything that we can do to bring to heel such dictators and murderers is a good thing. I just want to inject a word of caution. Despite probably being a basically good breed, some pit bulls are trained to kill and it never leaves them. I think that human nature is basically good; but there are individual members of the human race who are habituated to violence.

Yasser Arafat lived his life as a terrorist and he died a terrorist. His brief flirtation with legitimacy and the folks in Oslo didn't change the ultimate course of his life. Is the Libyan Colonel of International Crime any different? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Paul Martin gleefully breaking pitas in a tent with his new best friend says more about securing a billion dollar contract for SNC Lavalin than it does about ending Libyan support to terrorism. Muammar needs the West's support for his new focus on becoming the pre-eminent leader of his continent. The West needs his oil and the contracts for SNC Lavalin, etal, which go with it.

I don't have a problem with international business and looking after our energy needs, while we work towards self-sufficiency in that area. Let's just do it with our eyes open. Promises to look into general or specific areas of human rights abuses are easy to give. The Prime Minister and Pierre Pettigrew are not suddenly masters of international human rights negotiations because Muammar and his officials give them a "yeah, sure, whatever" when they raise the issue.

Should they try? Of course, they should. They should also note that the Iraqi embassy in Tripoli is Ba'ath Party Headquarters-in-exile, from which they continue to fund and direct the terrorists operating in Iraq today. Muammar the Peaceful has granted to a career Saddam thug, Anwar Mawlud Dhiban, political asylum and unhindered use of the embassy. Dhiban is ably assisted by Abdul Aziz Al Najm, the Tripoli head of that great charity organization, Hamas.

Should we trust Gaddafi? At the very least, we should draw on some advice from Ronald Reagan, when asked abut trusting the Soviet Union's word - "Trust, but verify."

And, SNC Lavalin? For the ten years between 1994 and 2003, they contributed $454,736 to the Liberal Party of Canada. Before you ask, I'll add that, during the same period, SNC Lavalin contributed $102,018 to the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and $10,120 to the Reform Party of Canada and the Canadian Alliance Party.

I hope that the Prime Minister enjoys his Christmas (yeah, I said CHRISTMAS) in whatever other tents he visits, at our expense. I really do, just as I hope that everyone can find something to celebrate at this time of year.


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