Wednesday, April 06, 2005

If the glove fits...........

The Liberals must have been watching reruns of the O.J. Simpson trial this week, when they reacted with such indignation to the revelations coming out of the Gomery Inquiry, courtesy of an American blogger. They are now throwing themselves on the gullibility of the population with their hand-wringing plea that is they, the poor misunderstood Liberals, who are actually the victims of fraud in the case. Heh?!?

It would be funny, if it were not so pathetic. One expects that, at any moment, Johnny Cochran will rise from the dead and march into Parliament brandishing a bloody glove for one of the innocenti to try on.

We will leave no stone unturned in our search for the guilty parties, intones the Prime Minister's pet parrot, Scott Brison. He is looking remarkably naked for someone who was just voted the Best Dressed Male MP. Maybe, like O.J, they should start golfing around the country in search of the guilty party, and maybe they should start in Shawinigan.

We will send our lawyers to Gomery to defend the honour of the poor, downtrodden Liberal Party ............ at taxpayers' expense. How about defending taxpayers' expense at the cost of Liberal (dis)honour?

It must be those dastardly "parallel" Liberals, declares the Prime Minister's French Lieutenant and Transport Minister, Jean Lapierre. What the heck is a parallel Liberal? That's right up there with "my dog ate my homework" and "collateral damage". Don't buy an airline from this guy.

The Prime Minister is in desparate auto-flail trying to tie the Conservatives to the separatist Bloc, because both parties are outraged at Liberal corruption. It's not that the NDP aren't outraged. They are, but they are not the threat to Liberal hegemony that the Conservatives represent. All Canadians should be outraged.

If you have been watching Question Period, you've seen the Deputy Prime Minister poking and tugging at the Boss's sleeve, as if prompting him to another evasive and defensive retort (as opposed to answer) to a straightforward question by Stephen Harper, etal. That's not surprising, since her performance as the defender of public safety and emergency preparedness has just been panned by the Auditor General.

The Liberals' inability to accept responsibility for their actions and their playing the victim should come as no surprise. This fits right in with their habit of upholding criminals' rights over victims' rights in our out-of-touch justice system. Wasn't she also Justice Minister?

If you have surfed "Captain's Quarters", you'll have a taste of what everyone who has sat in on the Gomery Show knows, but Canadians-at-large can't be trusted with. It's pretty bad, but hardly a surprise. It will also get a lot worse, if you're a Liberal.

The Bloc smells blood in the water and would force an election tomorrow, if they could. The Conservative approach is much more sensible and measured. Let's let Gomery do his job. Let's take the testimony out from behind a silly and ineffectual publication ban. Let's allow Canadians to judge the full depth and breadth of Liberal corruption and, then, let voters pass their judgment at the polls.

The Eighth Commandment is pretty simple - "Thou shalt not steal." The O.J. defence won't work. The glove fits. Wear it like a man (or woman) and take your lumps.


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