Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Honour amongst Liberals

I'm guessing that yesterday set a record for the use of the words "Belinda Stronach" in blogs, editorials, letters to the editor, coffee shops, water coolers, etc., etc. Many derogatory things were said about Ms. Stronach and a lot of colourful language was used. Most of it was naturally emotional and much of it was a bit over the top. Belinda will wear many of the characterizations for years and everyone can decide for themselves whether she deserves them or not.

In the Liberal caucus today, the Deputy Prime Minister mustered all of her best self-righteous indignation and denounced Conservatives as sexist and misogynist. Later, she will, predictably, surround herself with like-minded indignants to denounce every Conservative as various things that Liberals would like us to be......and we are not.

The issue is not one of gender. It is not one of personal professional capabilities. It is not one of personal intelligence. It is one of personal honour. And that, my friends, is utterly lacking in the Liberal Party and their newest member.

Some will argue that there is little honour left in public service, and there is plenty of evidence to back that up. Like a lot of things that they do, the Liberals have turned dishonour into an art form. In the process, they have further discredited the notion of politics as an honourable profession.

Ms. Stronach certainly doesn't honour loyalty or commitment to people or organizations. She doesn't honour her debts ($379,000 owed to her former party), although I don't think that she'd be hard pressed to pony up.

There surely are honourable people in every political party and all of them must cringe at least a bit at the lack of honour and integrity displayed by Ms. Stronach. Her "lack of complexity" will probably do her in, in the end, and Conservatives shouldn't lose too much sleep over her new red Armani.

On May 10th, she said, "We gave Paul Martin and his government the chance to finally do the right thing, but once again, they have failed."

She voted five times to put the Liberal Government out of our misery.

On May 17th, she praised the same Prime Minister and Party that she had trashed the day before. Not to worry, later the same day she said to CTV, "I'm not here to defend the actions of the Liberals."

Um, Belinda, what the hell are you here for?

Some people have expressed concern about the Conservative election secrets that Ms. Stronach would leak to the Liberals. Please be clear that I'm quoting a Liberal MP who wished to remain nameless, "That's okay, she won't remember them, anyway."

Not surprisingly, there will be folks in her new caucus who might not be too pleased to see their loyalty and hard work passed over by their Leader. He has only one principle, and that is hanging on to power at any cost. Not much of a principle and certainly no honour. Ms. Stronach will fit right in.

I guess that even multi-millionaires have their price, and it apparently takes another one to know what that is.


Blogger david said...

What a role model Belinda has turned out to be! Doesn't she make your skin crawl? How can she ever be trusted again? With that one act she betrayed her associates, she betrayed her friend and lover, and she betrayed herself. What has she got to offer? From now on she will live in a world where trust is unknown.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Dr_Funk said...

What's this about $379,000? Could you elaborate, Colonel?

7:40 PM  
Blogger Laurie Hawn said...

To Dr. Funk - The $379,000 is the amount that Belinda owes to the Party for overspending on her leadership campaign. She is resisting the commitment that she made to follow the funding rules. Money is apparently no object unless you owe it to someone.

8:20 PM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Not to defend Ms. Stronach but only to say she is indeed loyal.
Loyal only to Belinda and Magna Corporate interests. Her aim is to advance on the levers of power. She has done that in jig time, however she has scrambled aboard the Titanic.

Politico, lobbyist, or both?

No matter what offense should occur in future, I would prefer to support a party where no member lashes out using language that petulant children use.

I can understand how extreme this case was, but in future unflappable is better. 73s TG

12:48 AM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Sort of update.

Amazing, poor communications skills and all. While everyone slings mud, no one seems to notice Belinda has done the impossible.

Her loyalty is the building of wealth and power. Thus she is loyal to Magna and all the varied manufacturing plants that supply the variety of products that is Magna. She has won!

Belinda now heads the ministry that has the most potential to benefit her corporate interests. Namely the laws and conditions that apply to part time workers.

Part time workers require almost no pension and benefits overhead. They are the quickest growing segment of manufacturing labor.

So let's wait until Belinda loses one before we fling dirt at her.

We think she has clawed her way onto the Titanic, but if the Martinites have bought off the Judges just as they have the MSM, then Belinda may be correct again. May not be the Titanic after all.

Ooh my aching headache.

They are getting away with murdering our rights to honest government and we are quibbling about SSM.

SSM only applies to a tiny part of our population.

We are the mainstream. Government is supposed to reflect mainstream priorities first.

The mainstream priority is to settle hundreds of millions worth of fraud and scams. We can deal with SSM when the fabric of government is repaired and ready to deal with lesser items.

While Belinda ruthlessly achieves her goals, we do not have so much as one picketer on the hill or in front of Governor General Clarkson's mansion.

We should have pickets marching in both places with placards reading *Dissolve Govt Now*, *Stop this Fraud*,
*NDP not Elected*, * $4.6 Billion not Debated*. and more.

Respect your enemy. Could be a shark in disguise. 73s TonyGuitar

9:25 AM  
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