Thursday, June 30, 2005

Jumping to conclusions - a clarification

For the benefit of those who get their exercise jumping to conclusions and making leaps of logic, please allow me to clarify something from my blog "A Conflict of Hypocrisies".
UPDATE: Some of the comments made some good points and I have further clarified my post:

I refered to Jack Layton as the Duty National Socialist Leader. For those who like to "exercise", that suggested that I was calling Jack Layton a Nazi, and that I was disrespecting all those who died at Hitler's hands. Please settle down and park your misplaced indignation.
I had no intention whatsoever of suggesting that ANY Canadian elected official was a Nazi. I believe the term is completely outside the pale of acceptable political discourse.
I apologize to anyone who may have mistakenly believed that that was my intent -- I should have been clearer in my writing.
When I wrote the blog I meant "National" to refer to Canada and "Socialist" to refer to Mr. Layton's professed political philosophy. Period. Dot. Stop. In no way did I intend those words to mean anything else. I'm sorry that the capital letters confused some people. I had not intended them to signify a proper noun. I have changed the phrasing to "Canada's federal" to correct the mis-impression.
For those who lectured me on history and defending democracy, back off. I spent more than thirty years and buried more than forty friends defending your right to yell at me and to jump to conclusions when I mis-speak or mis-capitalize. I hope that you enjoyed it, even though you are way off base. Now get back to work or go to the gym for some real exercise.