Monday, September 26, 2005

Way to go, Ralph!

Hat's off to Finance Minister Ralph Goodale. In one foul swoop of his tongue, he has proven, once again, that he and his Liberal government are more interested in their own short-term gratification than in the long-term well-being of Canadians.

Over the past several years, income and royalty trusts have allowed a great many Canadians at most income levels to enjoy some growth in their income and retirement portfolios. It would clearly not be acceptable to have Canadians look after themselves in retirement, without being beholden to the government. How could the government ever control them at election time with threats of losing government largesse? Of course, that largesse and the habitually hidden surpluses, read over-taxation, have come out of Canadians' pockets in the first place.

Goodale's recent musings about restricting new income and royalty trusts and sucking more tax money out of existing trusts and, therefore, Canadians' pockets, has caused an emotional sell-off in that sector. It has also cast into doubt the longer-term viability of that sector and delayed its inclusion on the TSX Index. His loose lips and potential future attacks against individual Canadians' economic well-being are incomprehensible, reprehensible, short-sighted, and just plain dumb.

Perhaps the good Finance Minister could consider letting the market decide. But, that wouldn't be the Liberal way. Perhaps the good Finance Minister could understand that, by letting Canadians build bigger RRSPs without his "help", the government will start to collect much more tax down the road. But, that wouldn't be the Liberal way. Perhaps the good Finance Minister could understand that, by allowing Canadians to build and plan for their own retirements, the pressure on the government purse would decrease in the future. But, that wouldn't be the Liberal way.

The Liberal way is to interfere with anything that does not involve maintaining their control over every aspect of Canadians' lives, instead of allowing us some self-determination. It's just one more example of the Liberal version of democracy. Welcome to the remakes of "Father Knows Best", with Paul Martin in the role formerly played by Robert Young, and "Leave it to Beaver", with Ralph Goodale starring as "The Beav".

Father does not know best and I'm not prepared to leave it to Beaver. When will Canadians, in enough numbers and in the right locations, wake up to the facts of what the Liberals are doing to them? It is way past time that these charlatans were shown the door to political wilderness and get them out of Canadians' way to a prosperous future. Enough is enough!

Flash! This just in. The good Finance Minister has also decided to hog-tie the people who create jobs, wages, wealth, productivity, foreign investment and, therefore, wait for it - taxes. Those people run Canadian corporations and they have just had their promised tax cuts pulled from the table. Liberals are interested only in political survival and not good public policy. Kowtowing to the NDP in this area may keep the Liberals alive for now, but it will continue to erode Canadians' economic welfare. It's time to Stand up for Canada!