Friday, October 07, 2005

Crime and .... well, just crime, actually ....

Normally, we’d be talking about crime and punishment, but in Canada today, it seems that we’ve lost the concept of punishment. The Liberal governments of Trudeau, Chretien and Martin have eroded the concept of consequence for behaviour. Instead, we reward corruption and crime; show more concern about criminals’ rights than victims’ suffering; and indeed, treat criminals as the victims. Along the way, we waste mountains of taxpayer dollars on social experiments that have done nothing to make our streets safer or our citizens more secure.

Twenty years after the biggest mass murder in Canadian history (Air India Flight 182), the perpetrators are set free because our justice system is dysfunctional. The victims’ families and Canadians, in general, are outraged and demand a public inquiry. The Minister responsible responds with suitable soothing words, but no decisions. Instead, she hires former Ontario Premier Bob Rae to conduct an inquiry into whether or not we should hold a public inquiry. According to Air India Victims’ Families Association, Rae’s November report will recommend that we do hold a public inquiry. I don’t know how much this decision process cost taxpayers, but whatever the amount, it is too much. The answer was obvious from the start, and I was under the impression that we were paying Cabinet Ministers like Anne McLellan to make decisions. Does Mr. Dithers have a counterpart?

We have Paul Coffin who defrauds taxpayers out of one-and-a-half million dollars. Apparently, that’s chump change to the Liberal justice system, as Mr. Coffin gets a two-year curfew and a job teaching ethics. The irony of the latter should not be lost.

We have James Roszko who, after 44 charges and 14 convictions, many of them for violent crimes, was still not qualified to be a dangerous offender. Well, he is qualified now, but it cost us four RCMP officers for Roszko to earn that distinction posthumously.

We have prisoners who have violated society’s lawful expectations, many of them in the most violent and deadly ways, yet they still get to vote. And guess for whom they vote? I’m guessing that it’s the folks who have perpetuated a justice system that “punishes” them by giving them access to amenities and education that thousands of law-abiding Canadians can’t afford.

We have a Liberal government whose answer to criminal activity that they can’t control is to simply declare it no longer illegal. The Liberal Party is in favour of legalizing marijuana and prostitution. The Liberal Government is desperately trying to pussyfoot around the issues and not declare their real intentions before the next election. Sounds like a hidden agenda to me.

It’s time that the justice system stood up for law-abiding Canadians rather than criminals. It’s time for a Government that will stand up for Canadians and Stand Up For Canada!