Thursday, November 17, 2005

Puppy dog faces

Cut it out, Prime Minister, you're killing me. You and your minions are popping up in front of every microphone and camera, putting on your best puppy dog faces and telling us how all you really want to do is make it work. You say to look at all the good things for Canadians that will be lost if the obvious and justified lack of confidence in your Government is played out in the near future.

You are the one that has dithered on such critical items as the gas rebate, refusing to allow it to proceed no fewer than three times, even though all parties were behind it.

You are the one who, as Finance Minister, strangled the Canadian Forces.

You are the one who, as Finance Minister, choked the life out of Canada's healthcare system.

Yours is the Government that has allowed our First Nations population to continue to wallow in poverty without something as simple as safe water to drink.

Yours is the Government that has wasted billion after billion on misguided or downright corrupt ventures such as the useless and irrelevant gun registry, HRDC, unaccountable Technology Partnerhsip money, and brokering election support with tax-payers money.

You are the one who solemnly promised to fix the democratic deficit and have, instead, made it more acute.

You are the one who solemnly promised to end patronage and have, instead, refined the art form.

You are the one who claimed to be able to repair the severely damaged relations that your Government caused with our biggest trade and security partner. Instead, you use every opportunity to inject "American-style" into your comments designed to stir fear in Canadians. Regardless of what are our issues with the United States, that is hardly helpful.

Yours is the Government that has done nothing to support family values and now expresses such dismay at the fact that we will have a campaign that runs through Christmas.

You are the one who has made so-called commitments that are back-end loaded by many years and will probably never happen.

Now, you pretend that they are around the corner and that the very fabric of Canada will be lost if your wretched and corrupt government falls, as it deserves to do.

Now, you want to take the money that you have sucked out of Canadians' wallets through over-taxation and feed it back to us in post-dated bribery.

No matter when an election is called, there will always be things that will be delayed. If that were allowed to delay an election, then we would never hold one and we would be stuck with a de facto Liberal dictatorship forever. True democracy doesn't work that way.

The quicker that we can put your Government out of our misery and replace it with an accountable Conservative alternative, the quicker the country can get on the real task of restoring our position with our own citizens and with our friends and allies around the world.


Blogger News Junkie Canada said...

Delightful and bang on!

12:29 PM  
Blogger Em said...

Exactly! Quite well written too! I wish those who keep voting the Grits in would realize this!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Duke said...


My hat is off to you.

I have not seen a more eloquent summary of the rot that allegedly governs us.

I will link this piece on my blog at once.

Duke McGoo

9:16 PM  
Blogger Danté said...

Hell Yeah!

5:06 AM  
Blogger EarlW said...

Yes, but...
Here, (in Quebec) the conservatives are painted as religious right-wing rednecks, led by an incompetant leader. If the Conservatives can't get around the media, then it's going to be the same thing again. Another minority Liberal government at a cost of a many millions of our hard-earned tax dollars.
There _has_ to be a way for the conservatives to break out of that loop. Gomery is not a big enough issue to push Easterners out of their complacent support for the Liberals.
I'm all for less government and the hope that the conservatives can deliver something in that direction, but it's too early.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

Finally, someone who gets it!

Pomeranian Puppy Training

5:30 PM  

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